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We offer a simple and efficient capital raising solution for ambitious technology and online companies looking for debt and credit between $500K-$50M. We ensure you find receive and select the best deal for your business, faster.

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Working with +150 debt and credit investors across the globe - banks, credit funds, VCs and more
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The world of debt and credit funding for technology and online companies is becoming more and more global. This creates a lot of complexity for founders and executives that need to navigate the many options available. Simultaneously, it also creates a great opportunity to quicker obtain better funding, if one know where to look.


By understanding the nature of your business and capital needs we match you with the right debt and credit product and investors. Once offers have been received we help you to compare and select the one that is truly best for your company


We work with technology and online companies across the globe that are interested in raising between $500K-$50M in  non-dilutive capital such as debt and credit


As the SME financial landscape also globalises we want to help companies access the opportunities it creates - raising better capital faster. We believe founders and business leaders should build their businesses, not just raising capital

how it works

We operate a simple and transparent process so that you can receive and select the best debt and credit offer for your business, faster

Co-founder & CFO, Allihoop

As a founder, CFO and former investment professional I know how important it is to optimise a company’s capital structure. Debt and credit is a great way of doing so and WaccWise helped us to find the best deals in the market, saving us both time and money.

Co-founder & COO, Vianova

Having easy and fast access to capital is invaluable to any business and founder, especially in times when there is less liquidity and appetive in the market. WaccWise is a game changer, allowing us to find the right capital for our needs instantly.

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Working with +150 debt and credit investors across the globe - banks, credit funds, VCs and more
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