about waccWise

We are providing a fund raising solution for digital founder and leaders that want to focus on growing their business, while being assured that they get and select the best capital deal in the market for them.

Why we started WaccWise

Securing funding and access to capital is one of the most crucial things for many businesses. And it was a long time since it was this difficult.

Yet, most companies are only looking at one option, equity financing. Equity tends to takes a long time to close and is dilutive. Whether it's your long term needs or working capital requirements, debt and credit can be an excellent way of funding your company and its growth. There are lot's of different products and investors to choose from, making it difficult to navigate and once offers have been received, long and complicated terms makes it difficult to understand what offer is truly the best. We experienced this ourselves and want to change it.

That's why we started WaccWise. We want to be the helping hand for companies who want to raise this increasingly popular form of capital and make sure that they get and select the best possible deal in the market.