The best capital for your business, faster

We are providing a straight forward capital raising solution for companies that want to raise between $500K-$50M in debt and credit, and being assured that they get and select the best deal in the market for them. Saving time, focus and money.

The benefits of Debt & Credit

Faster to access, cheaper, flexible and non-dilutive. Debt and credit financing solutions can often be an attractive alternative for today's  companies operating in a fast moving and global market. These products are either used own its own or in combination with equity financing.

how it works

We operate a simple and transparent process so that you can receive and select the best debt and credit offer for your business, faster

Co-founder & CFO, Allihoop

As a founder, CFO and former investment professional I know how important it is to optimise a company’s capital structure. Venture debt and revenue based finance is a great way of doing so and WaccWise helped us to find the best deals in the market, saving us both time and money.

Co-founder & COO, Vianova

Having easy and fast access to capital is invaluable to any business and founder, especially in times when there is less liquidity and appetive in the market. WaccWise is a game changer, allowing us to find the right capital for our needs instantly.

Access to +150 debt and credit investors across the globe - banks, credit funds, VCs and more
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